Faculty Members Research Interests



م Name Academic Level Specialization البريد الإلكتروني email مجالات التخصص Areas of expertise & Specialization
1 Yasser A. Balila Professor Environmental control systems ybalilah@kau.edu.sa
2 Jahed M. Tarim Professor Building science, Facilities Management jtarim@kau.edu.sa





3 Hisham A. Mortada Professor Sustainable Architecture hmortada@kau.edu.sa



1-Informal settlements
2-archiectural and urban heritage.
3-Old Muslim built environment.
4-traditional built environment of desert regions.



4 Raif B. Malek Professor Sciences and Techno. of Design/ Int. Architecture rmalek@kau.edu.sa

1- Functional controls-aesthetic variables
2-Building concept-expectations of use
3-Dialectic movement between aesthetic variables-Design requirements
4-Functional Speech
5-User’s Visual-mental interactions
6-Traditional Stereotypes-contemporary development
7-Psychological and Social approaches Functional psychology-Kinetic psychology
8-Conceptual composition between visual retail and cognitive inclusiveness
9-Engineering design actions -user reactions
10-Cognitive track-intellectual discourse
11-Osmosis between void, product and perception.
12-Scientific and Educational approaches Sense design-signification of Design
13-Triple dimensions space surrounding-furnished product-expressive image
14-Raw materials-emerging materials
15-Furniture and Structuring Design
16-Profitability-performance in Lighting Design



5 Mohammad D. Matrouk Associate Professor Architectural Desgine mmatrouk@kau.edu.sa Theory of Architecture , Architectural Designe
6 Ammar S. Dahlan Associate Professor adahlan@kau.edu.sa
7 Yasser A. Addas Assistant Professor yadas@kau.edu.sa
8 Dr. Andres Moreno Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering, Building Sciencce and technology asierra@kau.edu.sa


*Building performance and energy efficiency for buildings and urban planning
*Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework and governance.
*Green buildings systems evaluation and regulations.


9 Mostafa J Sabbagh Assistant Professor Building Science and Technology, Indoor Environment Quality mjsabbagh@kau.edu.sa


1-Building performance and indoor environment quality (indoor air quality, thermal comfort, building psychometrics, and acoustics).
2-Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework and governance.
3-Green buildings systems evaluation and regulations.


10 Ayman K. Etani Assistant Professor
11 Ahmed A. Khan Assistant Professor akhan2@kau.edu.sa
12 Adel B. Alzahrani Assistant Professor abzahrani@kau.edu.sa
13 Rahif A. Maddah Assistant Professor Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism / Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies for Spatial Planning and Design rmaddah@kau.edu.sa



1-Sustainable Architecture and Urban System
2-Walkable Neighbrhoods, Design Guideline for Contemporary Neighborhood and Architecture2-
3-Sustainable Community and Building
4-Spatial Configuration between Open Space and Building
5-Architecture and Usage of Open Space in Hot Regions



14 Mohamed A. Alamoudi Assistant Professor
15 Eyad K. Al-Maimani Assistant Professor Digital Architecture ealmaimani@kau.edu.sa 1- Building Information Modeling.
2- Heritage, Historical, and Traditional architectural issues.
3- Jeddah Traditional Buildings various studies and digital documenting.
4- Islamic Architectural Styles.
5- Missing Middle buildings issues.
6- New Urbanism and related issues.
7- Documenting the Historical, Heritage, and Traditional Buildings.
16 Jameal F. Hedjazi Assistant Professor jhijazi@kau.edu.sa
17 Dr. Mohammed O. Khafaji Assistant Professor Urban Design mkhfaji@kau.edu.sa
18 Fawaz A. Bakhotma Assistant Professor fbakhotmah@kau.edu.sa
19 Abdulaziz N Afandi Assistant Professor Design Optimization of Buildings afandi@kau.edu.sa


1- Design optimization of buildings.

2- Digital Architecture.
3- Architectural Design.
4- Design Process.
5-Environmental Sustainability.
6- Architectural Heritage.


20 Hammad S. Fikri Lecturer n/a hfakari@kau.edu.sa
21 Naif N. Najar Lecturer n/a
22 Ahmed A. Felmban Lecturer n/a
23 Mohamaed T. Eid Lecturer n/a meid1@kau.edu.sa
24 Abdulaziz K. Albarak Lecturer n/a akalbarrak@kau.edu.sa
25 Maan A. Balelah Lecturer n/a mbalela@kau.edu.sa
26 Abdulaziz Y Ashaari Lecturer n/a aashaari@kau.edu.sa
27 Salem A. Melbari Demonstrator n/a
28 Hesham A. Alghamdi Demonstrator n/a
29 Hussam Farghal Demonstrator n/a hafarghal@kau.edu.sa

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