Mission and Objectives of the Department of Architecture Program 2020-2022

Program Mission

Work towards the qualification, a scientific and technical accomplishment of architectural projects that include all levels and establish student competencies that combine production quality and search excellence.


Program Goals

The program's main and sup goals are:

1-Produce graduates capable of engaging in lifelong learning in architecture  

1-1 Develop a lifelong teaching and learning strategy, and link it to the targeted program learning outcomes and Graduate Attributes.

1-2 Prepare the student intellectually, skillfully and professionally to integrate with the teaching and learning strategies and methods used.

2-Create graduates who are capable of being active researchers in architecture

2-1 Develop the teaching strategy of studios to include a research part in which scientific research process and standards are applied.

2-2 Activating research electives courses within the program to provide various research opportunities.

2-3 Urging and encouraging students to participate in competitions in the field of scientific research at the university level and outside.

3-Provide graduates who have demonstrated they can serve the community and the country

3-1 Encouraging students' spirit of initiative to maximize the returns of the community service role.

3-2 Activating joint projects between students and staff members to serve the community.


4-Equip graduated with the knowledge, skills and values enabling them to have effective careers in architecture

4-1 Ensuring the quality of the educational outputs of the program, and their conformity with the requirements of the labor market.

4-2 Activating partnerships with government and private agencies locally and internationally in the fields of projects and training.

4-3 Operation and development of laboratories and equipment, to allow student to get benefit from them.

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