Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Objective for Architecture Department 2020 - 2022


Department Vision: A Knowledge leader in architectural design education.


Department Mission: To lead architectural community with competent graduates and scholars through high quality education, research excellence, and community parentship.


Department Values

● Integration and work group.

● Honesty and Transparency.

● Creativity.

● Responsibility.

● Quality and Efficiency.


Department Goals

  1. To provide high quality teaching and learning
  2. To participate in first class scientific exploration and research development
  3. To engage with the building industry and serve the community
  4. To become resilient in adapting with existing and emerging challenges and produce innovative and sustainable solution on departmental level and graduated students


  1. Sustainable Improvement of academic programs.
  2. Obtaining academic accreditation.
  3. Improving the skills of academic and support staff.
  4. Enhancing the quality of scientific research.
  5. Promoting community services and partnership among students and faculties.

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9/4/2022 4:11:04 PM